What do you get the kid that eats, sleeps, and breathes hockey?
The Breakaway Box
Fuel their passion for the game!

Each month your favorite player will get nutritious post-workout and between game refueling snacks, surprise swag, PLUS quick, healthy recipes to build kitchen confidence & empower them off the ice too.

Designed by a certified youth sports nutritionist, all of the snacks are not only nutrient packed, but athlete favorites from around the country.

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"With twin teenagers, both hockey players, I loved learning more about better snack choices and healthy, affordable protein sources."

Tia F.,  mom to twin hockey players
with each breakaway box, Your athlete will...
boost immunity
Increase vitamin and essential macronutrient intake to support the immune system with nutrient-dense snacks and recipes.
Each month discover 4 quick, fueling recipes to empower kids with basic cooking skills that create lifelong healthier habits.  
Build stress management
Each box includes a stress management technique to support the mental demands of training & performance to reduce stress and decrease risk of injury.
Skip the sugar crash. These snacks are designed to refuel and energize between games & post-workout.
and more...
Hi, I'm Stefanie Rock- certified sports nutritionist- founder of Rock Performance and author of Fuel Their Game

While youth sports has grown dramatically over the past years, I realized that nutrition was too often a missing key element of their training.
Specializing in youth athletes, I provide nutritional education unique to maturing and growing athletes. This key pillar of training builds a foundation for better health, not just for a season, but for their lifetime.

The Breakaway Box is a great way to introduce kids to new, nutrient-dense snacks that fuel their game, their growth, and their future health. 
I'm fortunate to guest speak for teams and camps across the United States and Canada, helping players improve their performance through better nutrition. Each month's snack aren't chosen just because they're healthy, but because my athletes also love them!

I'm also a mom to two hockey teenagers, dedicated to showing my kids the world, while simultaneously trying to save it. If I'm not at home, you can probably find me at the rink or the library!
Live life healthy- 
X ~Stefanie
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