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Fuel your Training!

What do Strength, Speed, Endurance, Focus, and Recovery all have in common? They all start on your plate! 

The Rock Performance "Training Camp" Workshops are designed to strengthen your performance foundation, reduce your risk of injury, and crush your athletic goals.

Each 3 week workshop focuses on the unique nutritional needs of youth and teen athletes. 

Athletes, coaches, and parents are welcome!

Each session is a 45-60 minute live Zoom session (recorded replay available)

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Save 60%: The 21 Day Rock Your Game Challenge is an effective way to introduce small changes that have a significant impact on endurance, focus, strength, and recovery. PLUS you'll receive 20 meal & snack recipes delivered right to your door... for 50 cents a day! As a Fuel Your Training participant, the RYG challenge is only $10.50. Designed to improve teen athlete fueling, quality of sleep, and stress management for *boosting immunity *reducing risk of injury *increasing energy *improving focus... but beneficial for the whole family!

Rock Performance Fueling "Training Camp"
  • FUELING YOUR FOUNDATION: (register to access workshop now!) How you eat, hydrate, sleep, and manage stress have a dramatic impact on energy, endurance, focus, strength, speed, and recovery. All of your athletic goals require a solid foundation. Eliminate the frustration of what to eat, avoid marketing pitfalls, and catapult your performance to the next level. 
  • FUELING YOUR PERFORMANCE (Tues. May 17th, 24th, 31st 7-8pm CST): What should I eat before a game? What about fueling before early morning practices & games?What's the best post-workout snack? What do I eat between two-a-day practices or multiple game weekends? How do I know if I need more protein? Why do athletes need carbohydrates? Timing meals and snacks for consistent energy and better recovery simplified! 
  • FUELING YOUR RECOVERY  (Thurs. May 26th, June 2nd, June 9th 4-5pm): How you fuel today impacts how you play tomorrow. How does sleep increase your strength and reduce risk of injury? How does stress affect digestion, focus, and recovery? Support recovery with nutrition, quality sleep, and mindset techniques. 
  • FUELING "TRAINING CAMP" SERIES:  Includes all three workshops AND the Fuel Their Game e-book. Don't miss out on any of crucial information that enhances your energy, focus, strength, speed, and recovery.
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