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Fuel Their Game: what & when to feed your athlete

NEW BOOK by certified Sports Nutritionist, Stefanie Rock, provides youth athletes & their parents the essentials for maintaining hydration, proper fueling pre/post workout, and meeting nutritional needs during tournaments/competition for best performance.

No one's thrilled about being quarantined but it does allow unrushed time to implement small changes now to better prepare for life's next "new" normal.  During this time, save 50% (reg. $9.97) off your download!

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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $37: Get a customized macronutrient guide for your body and sport specific macronutrient needs. This guide will determine your personal daily range for carbohydrates, protein, fat, and 5 essential micronutrients. Click YES to add this to your order now for just $37. (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place)

Sports parents have enough to carry- this book will always be with you on your phone or laptop! Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn… 
  • Discover the importance of each macronutrient for athletic performance and growth
  • Determine when water isn't enough for hydration and which options are best
  • Understand the pros & cons of supplements and how to determine if they're right for your athlete
  • Proper meal timing for optimal performance and to reduce frustration over when to eat
  • 19 pre/post training refueling snack ideas
  • Create healthier habits that build endurance, increase strength, improve focus, and support future health 
  • Eliminate the frustration of what to eat by understanding the role carbohydrates, protein, and fats play in performance.
  • Avoid overspending for marketing gimmicks that don't support health or performance
  • Save money by avoiding "convenient" concessions and drive-thrus with quick & healthy plans even the youngest athletes can implement
  • and so much more!!
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