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Fuel Their Game: what & when to feed your athlete

E-BOOK by certified Sports Nutritionist, Stefanie Rock, provides youth athletes & their parents the essentials for maintaining hydration, proper fueling pre/post workout, and meeting nutritional needs during tournaments/competition for best performance.

Increasing strength & improving endurance begins before lacing up skates or sneakers... it begins on the plate. Teen athletes have unique nutritional needs- is your athlete's needs for growth and sport being met?

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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $37: Get a customized macronutrient guide for your body and sport specific macronutrient needs. This guide will determine your personal daily range for carbohydrates, protein, fat, and 5 essential micronutrients. Click YES to add this to your order now for just $37. (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place)

Sports parents have enough to carry- this book will always be with you on your phone or laptop! Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn… 
  • Discover the importance of each macronutrient for athletic performance and growth
  • Determine when water isn't enough for hydration and which options are best
  • Understand the pros & cons of supplements and how to determine if they're right for your athlete
  • Proper meal timing for optimal performance and to reduce frustration over when to eat
  • 19 pre/post training refueling snack ideas
  • Create healthier habits that build endurance, increase strength, improve focus, and support future health 
  • Eliminate the frustration of what to eat by understanding the role carbohydrates, protein, and fats play in performance.
  • Avoid overspending for marketing gimmicks that don't support health or performance
  • Save money by avoiding "convenient" concessions and drive-thrus with quick & healthy plans even the youngest athletes can implement
  • and so much more!!
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